Sugar Free Belgian Chocolate

sugar free chocolatesA Treat for Diabetic People

Simone Marie proposes an EXCLUSIVE selection of SUGAR FREE pure Belgian chocolates in dark, milk and white produced by KLINGELE N.V. in Belgium. Select a beautiful gift box for your diabetic friend or family member or order our “special tray” as a personal treat.

Why “SUGAR FREE” chocolate?

The percentage of diabetics amongst the over-60s is rising year after year, and more and more young people are being confronted with this problem as well. Diabetic people do not produce the necessary insulin to break down sugar and have to look for sugar substitutes.

Why is our “sugar free” chocolate healthy?

The so-called sugar free chocolate is NOT non sweet, neither lower in calories or in carbohydrates than “regular” chocolate. In the case of Simone Marie’s pure Belgian sugar free chocolate, the perceived sweet taste, similar to “regular” chocolate, is achieved through the use of a natural sweetener called Maltitol instead of the traditional sugar produced from beet root.

What does “pure Belgian SUGAR FREE chocolate” mean?

The sugar used in the making of pure Belgian chocolate is beetroot sugar. In the SUGAR FREE chocolate, the beet root sugar is replaced with MALTITOL.

Maltitol belongs to the polyols family; it is a solution of maltose (malt sugar): a natural product, which is used, for example, in the brewing of beer. The chemical formula of maltitol is C12 H24 O11 and its sweetening value is of 90% of that of saccharine. With maltitol, the texture and character of the chocolate product are almost identical to that of chocolate with sugar. The typical high-quality taste of pure Belgian chocolate is therefore preserved. As well, pure chocolate sweetened with maltitol contains approximately 18% fewer calories than regular chocolate.

What about the laxative effect of polyols?

Studies have shown that the laxative effect of a daily consumption of SUGAR FREE chocolate below 2.5g per Kg bodyweight is virtually absent (i.e. 150g for an adult weighing 60Kg).

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