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Pure imported Belgian chocolate is healthy for you.

Nutritional values for pure imported Belgian chocolates and truffles

Did you know that our pure imported Belgian chocolate is healthy for you? Have a look at the numbers below and start enjoying a piece or more every day…. guilt-free! Pure Belgian Chocolate Calories Carbs Lipids Proteins   Per 100gr

What is pure Belgian Chocolate?

What is a cocoa bean? The cocoa bean is the “fruit” of the cocoa tree. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are extracted from this bean through a very complex process. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter, complemented with sugar (and milk)

Pure Belgian chocolate provides the body with a plethora of minerals

Often working in conjunction with vitamins, minerals are indispensable to healthy physical functioning. % of RDA * per 100gr In which chocolate? Functions Calcium 3 – 40% Mostly found in milk and white chocolate – needed for the formation and

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