Nutritional values for pure imported Belgian chocolates and truffles

Did you know that our pure imported Belgian chocolate is healthy for you?

Have a look at the numbers below and start enjoying a piece or more every day…. guilt-free!

Pure Belgian Chocolate Calories Carbs Lipids Proteins
  Per 100gr Per piece 5gr Per 100gr Per piece 5gr Per 100gr Per piece 5g Per 100gr Per piece 5gr
Milk Chocolate 546 27.3 52 2.6gr 33 1.7gr 7 0.4gr
Dark Chocolate (70% cocoa) 507 25.4 31 1.6gr 39 2.0gr 8 0.4gr
Dark Chocolate (88% cocoa) 540 27.0 23 1.2gr 48 2.4gr 11 0.6gr
Belgian Chocolate Truffles Calories Carbs Lipids Proteins
Manons, Pralines, Ganaches Per 100gr Per piece 16gr Per 100gr Per piece 16gr Per 100gr Per piece 16gr Per 100gr Per piece 16gr
On average (+- 5%) 558 95 46 7.4gr 40 6.4gr 4 0.6gr


What is pure Belgian Chocolate?

What is a cocoa bean? The cocoa bean is the “fruit” of the cocoa tree. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are extracted from this bean through a very complex process. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter, complemented with sugar (and milk) are the ONLY ingredients of pure Belgian chocolate.

What is dark chocolate? Dark chocolate contains no less than 45% cocoa powder and a maximum of 55% sugar.

What is milk chocolate? Milk chocolate contains no less than 25% cocoa powder, maximum 55% sugar and is complemented with milk.

What is white chocolate? White chocolate contains no less than 20% cocoa butter and is complemented with sugar and milk.

What is a Chocolate Truffle? “Truffle” is a generic term covering a wide variety of plain or fancy chocolate pieces including:

  • the French “Truffe” or old fashioned truffle: a velvety blend of pure chocolate and butter
  • the “Manon”: flavoured fresh cream in a pure chocolate shell
  • the “Ganache”: a delicate blend of pure chocolate and fresh cream in a pure chocolate shell
  • the Belgian “Praline”: a creamy blend of finely grounded roasted nuts, chocolate and sugar in a pure chocolate shell

Truffles are usually flavoured with coffee, tea, vanilla, natural fruit extracts or fine liqueurs.

Pure Belgian chocolate provides the body with a plethora of minerals

Often working in conjunction with vitamins, minerals are indispensable to healthy physical functioning.

% of RDA *
per 100gr
In which chocolate? Functions
3 – 40%
Mostly found in milk and white chocolate – needed for the formation and maintenance of bones and teeth
– together with vitamin A, aids coagulation of blood in wounds
– plays a role in muscle function
6 – 60%
The greatest concentrations are found in dark chocolate – helps maintain a strong skeletal system
– primarily active in the promotion of memory and brain function and in preventing depression
0 – 60%
Mostly found in dark chocolate, in a lesser extent, in milk chocolate – has a role in countering cardiovascular disease
2 – 35%
Mostly found in dark chocolate – active in the transport of oxygen to all body tissues
25 – 35%
Only found in milk and dark chocolate – involved in the maintenance of a strong skeletal system.
– has a role in the utilization of energy arising from food.
7 – 17%
The highest concentrations are found in dark chocolate – important in the take-up of nutritional elements from macro-nutrients
– involved in cell growth and the repair of tissue in the human body
0 – 100%
Mostly found in dark chocolate, in a lesser extent, in milk chocolate – helps the functioning of the nervous system
* RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance

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Our Chocolate Seminars – Education and Fun for the Chocolate Lover

Our Chocolate and Wine (optional) tasting sessions are the perfect event to finish up a business team meeting or to celebrate a friend’s birthday. All our sessions are organized on-site and are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements for content, timing and duration.

Chocolate and wine tasting events are ideal to be included in an employee recognition day or a client appreciation night.

A typical 1 1/2 hour session includes:

  • a chocolate fondue (fruits and cookies)
  • “unlimited” tasting of pure Belgian chocolates and truffles
  • tasting of 3 different wines pairing the chocolates

An informative chocolate presentation, by Simone Marie, guides the participants through the MAGIC of chocolate and answer their most typical questions: WHY …? HOW …? WHAT IS Authentic Belgian Chocolate?

The cost for a session (held within the Greater Toronto Area) for 20 participants is $600.00 (+ taxes)

Advance booking required (minimum 4 weeks)

Call Simone Marie at 416-968-7777 to learn more or to get a quote for a larger number of participants or to organize a session in another city (Ontario only).



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