Month: April 2017

Nutritional values for pure imported Belgian chocolates and truffles

Did you know that our pure imported Belgian chocolate is healthy for you? Have a look at the numbers below and start enjoying a piece or more every day…. guilt-free! Pure Belgian Chocolate Calories Carbs Lipids Proteins   Per 100gr

What is pure Belgian Chocolate?

What is a cocoa bean? The cocoa bean is the “fruit” of the cocoa tree. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter are extracted from this bean through a very complex process. Cocoa powder and cocoa butter, complemented with sugar (and milk)

Pure Belgian chocolate provides the body with a plethora of minerals

Often working in conjunction with vitamins, minerals are indispensable to healthy physical functioning. % of RDA * per 100gr In which chocolate? Functions Calcium 3 – 40% Mostly found in milk and white chocolate – needed for the formation and

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Our Chocolate Seminars – Education and Fun for the Chocolate Lover

Our Chocolate and Wine (optional) tasting sessions are the perfect event to finish up a business team meeting or to celebrate a friend’s birthday. All our sessions are organized on-site and are tailored to our clients’ specific requirements for content,

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